Flexible steel piping for water applications

Stainless steel piping system drinking water


The Worlds First Flexible Stainless Steel Piping System

Enjoy easy and efficient water control with STEELOX, the robust blend of KELOX and STEELFIX systems. Our flexible steel pipe is forged with a 316L stainless-steel interior, wrapped in a PE-RT outer layer for exceptional resistance to external factors.

This flexible water pipe promises unrivalled flexibility and hygiene, all thanks to its top-notch dual-material construction.

Home Heating/Cooling and HVAC


The revolutionary idea of crafting a flexible water pipe that is manually bendable, specifically a flexible steel pipe made of 316L stainless steel with superior hygienic properties, was brought to fruition with the unveiling of STEELOX.

Introduced to New Zealand in early 2022, STEELOX seamlessly integrates the effective systems of KELOX and STEELFIX, creating an exceptional product. Encasing the 316L stainless steel inner layer is an outer layer of PE-RT, offering optimal protection against external factors. This integration of premium materials ensures the pipe's unparalleled flexibility, highlighting it as a prime choice for a flexible pipe with unmatched hygienic standards. The robustness of stainless steel, its resistance to aging, and its critical role in maintaining drinking water hygiene make it an invaluable choice in various applications such as:

  • Chlorine handling
  • Situations demanding increased flow velocities
  • Recirculating hot water uses
  • Corrosive environments, including the vicinity of swimming pools
  • Underground installations
  • Lengthy installations without the need for mechanical fittings in the walls, except at wingbacks
  • Areas known for issues with copper, like Christchurch
  • Utilization in hospitals, hotels, educational facilities, apartments, and diverse industrial projects.

STEELOX's product line includes straight flexible water pipe lengths, pipe coils designed to reduce fitting requirements (offering a pre-insulated option), press fittings, comprehensive flow press-fit valves, and specialized tools. All these components contribute to an advanced, globally unique piping system.

A distinguishing feature of STEELOX fittings is the 'Leak Before Pressed' (LBP) function. This unique function means that unpressed connections will leak water during pressure testing, making it straightforward to spot incomplete press connections.

STEELOX's flexible steel pipe is available in dimensions of 16, 20, and 25mm. Boasting remarkable technical properties: it can consistently operate at temperatures up to 80°C, handle temperature surges of up to 100°C, and sustain a pressure of 10 bar. In terms of the temperature-pressure relationship, STEELOX's flexible pipe can manage 16bar at 20°C.

KE KELIT became the pioneer manufacturer in Austria to be granted an ÖVGW registration for this state-of-the-art flexible stainless steel drinking water pipe system. Moreover, the system complies with and is certified according to ÖNORM B5175.