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KE KELIT offers a wide range of piping systems, fittings and stainless steel press fittings that can assist in any project.
From plumbing to Home Heating and Cooling, HVAC applications and large industrial projects.

Balanced, comprehensive copper fittings for simple, robust, well-proven applications.
Industrial pipes that are developed as a solution for the corrosion occurring in traditional pipe systems.


Acoustic insulation wrap

FlexiCell FlexiWrap – Acoustic Pipe Insulation

PIPE INSULATION FLEXICELL FLEXIWRAP INSULATION Acoustic Pipe Insulation Acoustic pipe insulation a universal solution for different acoustic applications such a drain, service and wastewater pipes, vehicle and automotive industries, machinery…

FlexiCell NBR – Thermal Pipe Insulation

PIPE INSULATION FLEXICELL NBR INSULATION Thermal Pipe Insulation FlexiCell NBR pipe insulation is a flexible closed cell elastomeric thermal insulation material for condensation control in air-conditioning, refrigeration and chilled water…

pipe insulation

FlexiCell XLPE – Thermal Pipe Insulation

PIPE INSULATION FLEXICELL XLPE INSULATION Thermal Pipe Insulation FlexiCell XLPE Polyolefin Thermal Insulation Tubes are a long-lasting tube insulation designed for pipes and reinforced with a heat-bonded aluminium foil. The…

Stainless steel piping and push fittings

STEELFIX C-Steel – Galvanised Steel Piping & Press Fittings

PIPING SYSTEMS STEELFIX C-Steel Galvanised Steel Piping & Press Fittings     The STEELFIX C-Steel product range offers galvanised pipe and fittings for a vast range of applications. For STEELFIX…

Press tools KE KELIT

Hire Tool Agreement

KE KELIT HIRE TOOL AGREEMENT KE KELIT (NZ) LIMITED’s standard Terms of Trade shall apply to this Hire Agreement. These Terms of Trade shall prevail in the event of any…

copper tee elbow adapter coupling

COPPERFIX – Copper Tube and Copper Press Fittings

PIPING SYSTEMS COPPERFIX Copper Tube & Copper Press Fittings The COPPERFIX product range is made up of two pipe systems: copper tube and copper press fittings.   A balanced, comprehensive copper tube…

steel tee elbow adapter coupling

STEELFIX – Stainless Steel Piping & Steel Press Fittings

PIPING SYSTEMS STEELFIX Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Piping & Press Fittings     The STEELFIX Stainless Steel product range offers stainless steel pipe and fittings for a vast range of…

kelox tee elbow adapter coupling

KELOX – Multilayer Pipe, Push Fittings and Press Fittings

PIPING SYSTEMS   KELOX MULTILAYER PIPING Multilayer Pipe, Push Fittings & Press Fittings   The KELOX MULTILAYER piping system consists of multilayer PE-RT/Al/PE-RT pipe, PROTEC push fittings and WINDOX press…

gas tee elbow adapter coupling

VSH – XPress Piping & Press Fittings for Gas Systems

PIPING SYSTEMS VSH XPRESS GAS SYSTEMS Piping & Press Fittings For Gas Systems   The VSH XPress GAS SYSTEMS product range, distributed by KE KELIT NZ is made up of…

piping insulation

LEXEL – Universal Pipe Insulation

PIPING SYSTEMS LEXEL PIPE INSULATION SYSTEM Universal Pipe Insulation Through its structure, the LEXEL pipe insulation system receives specific characteristics that set new benchmarks in thermal insulation, noise insulation and…


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