STEELFIX steel press tee for steel tube connection

STEELFIX steel press fitting with male threaded union for plumbing and heating systems

STEELFIX steel press fitting for connecting steel pipe

STEELFIX steel press fitting with flange connection for steel tube connection

STEELFIX steel expansion bellows with male tube ends


Stainless steel piping and press fittings

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The STEELFIX product range is made up of two pipe systems: stainless steel pipe and stainless steel press fittings.

The system is also available in galvanized steel pipe and press fittings.


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STEELFIX products are manufactured using unique, modern machinery. The completely automated factory guarantees you safe, high-quality products. All products have a batch identification to track the origin of the raw material and supplier and mill certificates are available upon request.

The STEELFIX range can be used in plumbing, HVAC, fire protection and industrial applications.

STEELFIX stainless steel pipe and fittings are a CodeMark certified product.


  • Potable water
  • Central Heating
  • Cooling Water
  • Sprinkler Installation
  • Compressed Air
  • Industrial Installations
  • Solar Installations
  • C-Steel for closed circuit applications
  • is suitable for applications at -35°C to 120°C (higher temperatures are also allowed, when special O-rings are used)

STEELFIX C-Steel and Stainless Steel ultra low carbon precision pipe to EN10305.3. (Low carbon prevents corrosion, added silicon and aluminium maintain strength.) Installations are a minimum of 3 x faster than traditional systems, as no threading or welding is required.


We guarantee consistent quality and supply, with all fittings being manufactured in Europe. In order to ensure high-value manufacturing, we employ laser-welding technology and all welded fittings undergo 100% leak testing. The leak testing is fully automated and incorporated in the laser-welding process. Where possible, straight connectors with a threaded end and reducers are made from a single piece so that there is no risk of leakage and it is more compact for recessed pipe work. Good performance is guaranteed. The smooth outer surface of the steel pipe and fittings means that the flow characteristics are better than with traditional connection systems. The quality of our fittings is also testified by the large number of national and international approvals. A wide range of system and product tests are available, with certificates for potable water, shipbuilding and also sprinkler systems.


With STEELFIX stainless steel piping and steel press fitting systems, the quality of the connection is mainly determined by the tool and not the installer, thereby considerably reducing the risk of errors during installation. All fittings up to DN50 are fitted with a “Leak Before Pressed” (LBP) function in the O-ring, which reduces the risk even further. This LBP function ensures that fittings, which have not been pressed, will leak during the initial pressure test. The installer can immediately see which fittings he forgot to press. Once pressed, the system is guaranteed airtight and watertight. For larger sizes, this function is guaranteed by the special geometry of the fitting.


Compared to other “cold” connection methods, STEELFIX is an extremely user-friendly solution:

  • the use of STEELFIX dispenses with no need for complicated clamping techniques, time-consuming preparations and drying times – the installation is faster and cleaner
  • no need to thread the pipe
  • no lubrication needed for installation
  • easy insertion of the pipe in the fitting due to the special design of the fittings
  • short radius bends ensure compact and space-saving installation

The above features ensure that no special welding skills are required for an installation and that the work can be carried out in a pleasant and safe environment.