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The VSH XPress GAS SYSTEMS product range, distributed by KE KELIT NZ, comprises two distinct systems: stainless steel press fittings and pipes, and copper press fittings and pipes, each specifically designed for efficient gas conveyance in gas applications. Both systems are purpose-built to ensure safe and reliable distribution of gas.

The VSH XPress GAS fittings stand out with their unique “M” profile, offering durability and precision in gas piping systems, and are suitable for a wide range of specialized press fittings for diverse gas applications.

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VSH XPress GAS products are crafted using high-tech machinery in a fully automated factory, ensuring the delivery of safe, high-quality gas system components. This advanced manufacturing process of VSH XPress GAS systems guarantees top-tier quality and reliability. Each product within the range is marked with traceable batch identification, allowing for the tracking of raw material origins and suppliers. Mill certificates for these products are available upon request, further attesting to their quality.

The VSH XPress GAS range is specifically designed for gas applications, underlining its specialized use.

Moreover, VSH XPress GAS Systems have achieved CodeMark certification, reinforcing their status as reliable and safe products for gas applications. This certification is a testament to their compliance with rigorous standards and their commitment to safety and quality in the gas industry.


VSH XPress GAS Systems are a CodeMark certified product.

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VSH XPress GAS is suitable for applications at -20°C to 70°C.

  • Sizes 15mm – 108m for stainless steel gas fittings
  • KE KELIT STEELFIX stainless steel 316 piping is available
  • Sizes 15mm – 54mm for copper gas fittings
  • KE KELIT COPPERFIX hard and half-hard copper piping is available
  • Suitable for Natural Gas and LPG applications

Installations are a minimum of 3x faster than traditional systems, as no threading or welding is required.



Performance guaranteed

We guarantee consistent quality and supply, with all fittings being manufactured in Europe. In order to ensure high-value manufacturing, VSH employs laser-welding technology and all welded fittings undergo 100% leak testing. The leak testing is fully automated and incorporated in the laser-welding process. Where possible, straight connectors with a threaded end and reducers are made from a single piece so that there is no risk of leakage and it is more compact for recessed pipework. Good performance is guaranteed. The smooth outer surface of the pipes and fittings means that the flow characteristics are better than with traditional connection systems. The quality of VSH’s fittings is also testified by a large number of national and international approvals. A wide range of system and product tests are available, with certificates for gas installations.



With VSH XPress GAS systems, the quality of the connection is mainly determined by the tool and not the installer, thereby considerably reducing the risk of errors during installation. Once pressed, the system is guaranteed airtight and watertight.



Compared to other “cold” connection methods, VSH XPress GAS is an extremely user-friendly solution:

  • The use of VSH XPress GAS systems dispenses with the need for complicated clamping techniques, time-consuming preparations and drying times – the installation is faster and cleaner;
  • No need to thread the pipe;
  • No lubrication needed for installation;
  • Easy insertion of the pipe in the fitting due to the special design of the fittings; and
  • Short radius bends ensure compact and space-saving installation.

The above features ensure that no special welding skills are required for installation and that the work can be carried out in a pleasant and safe environment.



The installation of VSH XPress GAS systems does not require any heat source (as, for example, with welding or brazing) or other heavy and potentially dangerous tools. This feature makes VSH XPress GAS the ideal solution for repairs or renovation projects since you can ensure a minimum of disturbances at the site and you do not require hot works permits. Moreover, the lightweight of the precision stainless steel pipe means labour conditions are still further improved and a contribution made to a healthier way of working.