Flamco T-Plus

Creating a pipe branch connection whilst the system is in operation? That is now an even easier proposition with the arrival of the new T-plus from Flamco. This innovative solution has a new, smart mechanism for creating branches that guarantees a perfect finish, even in the smallest of spaces. A new standard has been set.Pipe branch connection Flamco T-Plus

The traditional method of creating a pipe branch connection always results in air and dirt getting into the system. This happens if the installation has to be drained or if the system water has to be frozen. That can lead to resistance, damage, defects and, ultimately, a shorter service life. The T-plus saves installation time and expense, prevents air and dirt getting into the system and thus guarantees a longer service life for the system.

In the blink of an eye

The system can remain in operation as normal while the pipe branch connection is being made thanks to the patented technology that comprises a combination of plunger, striking pin and a trigger. The trigger-based branching technique obviously stands out. And this new branching mechanism guarantees a perfect branch everywhere, every time, in the blink of an eye. This makes it possible to make branches even where there is little available space - a hammer is no longer needed.

Efficient operation

There is a plunger in the housing of the T-plus. Once the trigger pin has been removed, the striking pin ignites the charge. This builds up gas pressure which pushes the plunger and partially cuts open the pipe. The Flamco T-plus housing retains the removed piece of pipe wall, so it cannot get back into the pipe. Moreover, the gasket ensures that there is an optimum seal so that there is no chance of leakage.


Benefits for organisations and installers

For organisations, this means the technical intervention can be carried out without disruption to their operations. Their production process can carry on, while they can rest assured that they will be less frequently disrupted by malfunctions in the future. For installers it means that they can save installation time and expense, while delivering the best possible quality to their customers every time.

An extensive range

Flamco offers cast-iron and brass fittings with variants for central heating, cooling, sanitary, fire extinguishing and solar installations to large-scale industrial installations, such as a compressed-air installation. Moreover, the T-plus is available in various pipe diameters. The patented technology is the same in all variants. Models from 1½" are supplied with click-in nuts for simple preparatory installation.

About Flamco

Flamco is part of Aalberts Industries NV and focuses on the development, production and sale of quality products for heating, ventilation, drinking water, air conditioning and cooling for the installation industry.
The Flamco Group manufactures at four locations in the Netherlands, Germany and China. The head office is located in Bunschoten/Netherlands. With 60 years of experience and about 550 employees, Flamco is a world leader in its industry and successfully brings attractive and innovative products to market in more than 70 countries.


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