KWB Powerfire Boiler

Biomass Wood Chip & Pellet Boiler

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The KWB Powerfire, a versatile Biomass Boiler capable of wood chip and pellet combustion. Ideal for regional district heating networks, commercial establishments, and residential buildings in New Zealand.

Its output range between 150 and 300 kW ensures economical, efficient heat supply.

Home Heating/Cooling and HVAC



Flexible & Efficient Heating

  • Flexible fuel selection thanks to the unique revolving grate burner system
  • Easy installation and quick maintenance
  • Long ash emptying intervals

The KWB Powerfire, a top-tier biomass boiler, leverages wood chip and pellet combustion for efficient heat supply, making it ideal for regional district heating networks, commercial properties, and multi-storey residential buildings. Exhibiting flexible and economical combustion, this biomass boiler can deliver an output between 150 kW and 300 kW. Its compact, modular design facilitates installation in tight spaces, perfect for renovated buildings. Maintenance is effortless due to its movable substructure. The optional 240-litre ash bin ensures infrequent emptying, adding to its convenience.

Easy Operation

KWB Comfort Online

The KWB Comfort 3 and KWB Comfort 4 are modular control systems and are used to control the heating system. The KWB Powerfire heating system is operated and controlled via the KWB Comfort 3. Two buttons, a dial and a well laid out graphic display comprise the surface of the KWB Comfort 3.

Online Control

Secure Remote-Controlled Heating

Even more convenience and operating safety is guaranteed by the online platform KWB Comfort Online. With this platform, the boiler can be easily remotely ignited, controlled and maintained from a smartphone, tablet or PC. Check on the operating status of your heating, control heating times and temperatures and receive messages and status changes via SMS or email. If desired, you can also provide third parties with (temporary) individual access to your systems, such as your heating installer or the KWB Customer Service.

Efficient Control

Optional Heating System Management Via KWB Comfort 4

The remaining heating management is operated and controlled via the KWB Comfort 4, if desired. For this, you need the Autonomous external heating management module. Depending on the configuration, the control of outside temperature-controlled heating circuits with mixer control and heating circuit pump, storage management of buffer and hot water storage tanks incl. circulation pump activation as well as the control of solar systems are possible. And all this is heat demand-dependent, fully automatic and output-modulated.