Viessmann Vitocal 350-HT-Pro

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The Vitocal 350-HT Pro is a high-temperature heat pump for the utilisation of waste heat in renewable heat for the commercial sector.

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Benefits at a Glance

  • High-temperature heat pump for utilisation of waste heat in renewable heat for the commercial sector
  • Brine/water-rated heating output: 56.6 to 144.9 kW (B0/W35)
    Water/water-rated heating output: 148 to 390 kW (W50/W90)
  • COP at B0/W35: up to 4.3 and COP at W50/W90: up to 3.4
  • Maximum flow temperature: 90 °C
  • High permissible primary source temperature up to 50 °C: optimum utilisation of waste heat
  • Sound power level: <66 dB(A)
  • 91 cm standard width
  • PLC control unit, intuitive operation via colour touchscreen
  • HFO refrigerant: R1234ze, GWP 7
  • 10 bar pressure stage for industrial applications
  • Menu-guided assistant for straightforward commissioning
  • Factory tests at operating temperature including function and output
  • Automatic tightness monitoring for lower service costs
  • Wide application range through secondary temperatures up to 90 °C (no booster heater required)
  • High sustainability due to futureproof refrigerant
  • Low running costs with the highest level of efficiency at any operating point through the innovative RCD (refrigerant cycle diagnostic) system with EEV (electronic expansion valve)


The use of renewable heat in commercial applications is determined by the need for high flow temperatures.


Heat Pump with Flow Temperatures up to 90°C
As a heat pump from standard production, the Vitocal 350-HT Pro high-temperature heat pump delivers flow temperatures up to 90°C and utilises heat source temperatures up to 50°C. This makes it particularly suitable for the utilisation of waste
heat and for the generation of high temperatures for industrial and commercial processes, or for older local heating networks.


New Refrigerant Meets Stringent Requirements
The use of the new HFO refrigerant, R1234ze, means that this range of appliances already complies with the refrigerant regulations set for 2020 and beyond. The GWP (global warming potential) is in the single-figure range and is therefore almost as low as that of natural refrigerants.


Remote Monitoring and Communication
In addition, the control unit features many communication options. LAN-supported systems as well as Modbus and BACnet interfaces can be used. These make the system accessible for remote monitoring and integration into building management

The 5.7 inch colour touchscreen offers intuitive operation and easy control.