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The Vitocal 350-­G Pro is a large heat pump that achieves high flow temperatures of up to 73°C, meeting the requirements of hygiene regulations for DHW heating. Also features advanced technology for efficient cooling.  

Home Heating/Cooling and HVAC


Benefits at a Glance

  • Brine/water heat pump, two or three-stage
  • Heating output: 27.2 to 197 kW
  • High flow temperatures: up to 73 °C
  • Low running costs thanks to a high COP (coefficient of performance) to EN 14511 of up to 4.4 (brine 0 °C/water 35 °C)
  • Viable under partial load conditions due to the use of two or three compressors with an equal rating
  • Low noise and vibration emissions through sound-optimised appliance design
  • Intuitive operation of the control unit via touchscreen with schematics
  • Possibility of factory pre-installation in the case of project-related manufacture
  • Electronic soft starter for lower starting current and less power drawn from the mains
  • Conventional cooling/heating function with heating water buffer cylinder
  • PLC-supported Vitotronic with Modbus and BACnet communication interface (optional)


The frame design of the brine/water heat pump makes the powerful and efficient Vitocal 350-G Pro heat pump easier to handle and install. The sound-insulated casing (supplied separately) offers a snug fit and reduces the transport weight by around 200 kg. The unit is ideal for modernising heating systems with high flow temperatures.


Hygienic DHW Heating
With high flow temperatures of up to 73°C, the Vitocal 350-G Pro series meets the requirements for hygienic DHW heating. The special temperature maintaining facility guarantees hot inlet temperatures at all times, even during the loading cycle.


Straightforward Operation and Reliable Technology
Depending on the output, two or three compressors are integrated into the refrigerant circuit by way of a compound connection. This guarantees high levels of efficiency, even in partial load operation.

Efficiency is enhanced by electronic injection valves which are self-closing at zero volt to ensure maximum safety if there is a power failure, for example. Additionally, the hermetically sealed design with fewer threaded connections, and the absence of safety valves in the refrigerant circuit, guarantee tightness and a long service life.

For optimal control of the system and refrigerant circuit, the Vitocal 350-G Pro features a PLCbased Vitotronic. The large graphic touchscreen enables intuitive operation. Its full-colour mode highlights the different way that functions and operation are displayed.


Remote Monitoring and Communication
The control unit recognises numerous data communication options. From a simple analogue modem to a LAN based system: Modbus technology and BACnet (both optional) can be used to enable the system to be accessed via the internet for remote maintenance and communication purposes.


Appliance Design Optimised for Quiet Operation
As is the case for all heat pumps, the compressors generate noise in the 50 to 60 Hz range. Due to the very high-quality construction of the appliance frame and sound insulation, it has been possible to compensate for any noise within the casing.

Vibrations on the base support are barely perceptible, as the 3D anti-vibration design is specifically constructed to dissipate vibrations. With a sound power level of 65 dB(A) for the 197 kW heat pump, it offers great value in comparison to the other
products available in this market segment.


Optional Factory-Fitted Equipment
The electrical equipment is already fully integrated inside the heat pump. The contactors for the circulation pumps are pre-fitted and easily accessible. If requested by the customer, assemblies for optional function extensions can be ordered from the factory.