Viessmann Vitocal 200-G Pro Heat pump

Viessmann Vitocal 200-G Pro 

Commercial Heat Pumps

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The Vitocal 200-G Pro heat pumps up to 100 kW is an attractively priced solution for conventional heating applications. With its output, it reliably meets many of the requirements arising in residential and commercial buildings – for new build and modernisation projects alike

Home Heating/Cooling and HVAC


Benefits at a Glance

  • Large brine/water heat pump
  • Rated heating output: 75.4 and 101 kW (B0/W35)
  • Flow temperature: up to 60 °C
  • Low operating costs thanks to high COP (coefficient of performance) to EN 14511: 4.7 (B0/W35)
  • Low noise and vibration levels thanks to sound-optimised appliance design, sound power level (with sound-insulated casing): < 70 dB(A) (B0/W55)
  • Compact dimensions (length x width x height): 1753 x 800 x 1457 mm
  • Suitable for corner installation
  • Easy to use Vitotronic 200 control unit with plain text and graphic display
  • Easy access to components simplifies maintenance
  • Electronic soft starter system for a lower starting current and less power drawn from the mains
  • Ready to use connection for fail-safe primary and secondary pumps
  • Reliable commissioning following function test at the factory
  • Energy efficiency class: A++


Compact Design – Suitable for Corner Installation
The design with hermetically sealed scroll compressors requires little space for installation. And for transportation, a width of just 850 millimetres is sufficient. The heat pump is available with connections on the long side on both the left and right, which means it can be installed in various corner areas.


Pre-assembled Electrical Equipment
The electrical equipment is already integrated inside the heat pump casing. Factory-fitted contactors for fail-safe primary and secondary pumps, as well as protection for the compressors, reduce installation effort and enable rapid heat pump
installation. Maintenance and service on the Vitocal 200-G Pro are accordingly straightforward as well.


Proven and Reliable Technology
The control unit has been adopted from the Vitocal series for detached and two-family houses. Here too, the RCD (refrigerant cycle diagnostic) system checks efficiency continuously and ensures reliable function at any operating point through the interaction between the EEV (electronic expansion valve) and the extensive sensor technology


Easy to Operate Vitotronic Control Unit
The Vitotronic 200 regulates up to three heating circuits, and, thanks to its natural cooling function, ensures a pleasant indoor environment on hot summer days. An extensive range of monitoring and system optimisation settings can be adjusted from anywhere, via the internet or a smartphone, utilising the Vitocom 300 communication module that is available as an option.