Static circuit control valve

The combined static circuit control and cut-off valve Ballorex Venturi FODRV [fixed orifice double regulating valve] is a new generation dual control valve for balancing heating and cooling systems.

Hydraulic balancing guarantees an even flow of water through the individual risers and loads.

Typical applications include central heating and cooling systems and fan-assisted heat exchanger systems in multiple-storey residential buildings.

APPLICATIONS: Home heating/coolingPlumbing and HVAC 


Static circuit control valveThe static Ballorex Venturi circuit control valve uses the familiar Venturi principle.

The flow is measured by means of the pressure differential across a fixed Venturi channel. This generates a strong differential pressure signal for optimum flow readings.

The Ballorex Venturi provides a measurement signal up to ten times stronger than that of a conventional valve with a fixed or variable opening.

Ballorex Venturi has a measuring tolerance of only ±3% across the entire control range. Its superior measuring accuracy makes the Ballorex Venturi the top product for balancing heating and cooling systems.

The Ballorex Venturi is simple to preadjust using a hexagon socket wrench. On completion of the preadjustment the settings remain fixed.

The system flow can then be shut off without changing the preadjustments. The Ballorex Venturi does not require any stabilising sections upstream or downstream from the valve.