Vogel & Noot E2 ULOW Low temperature radiators

ULOW E2 Low temperature radiator with black panel installed in home

Black ULOW E2 low temperature radiator from Vogel & Noot installed in kitchen

ULOW E2 low temperature radiator controller and thermostatic head


Low Temperature Radiators

Intelligent low-temperature radiators are an excellent choice for those who prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability. By using cutting-edge technology, these radiators can adjust to the desired temperature and maintain it with minimal energy consumption.

This not only saves money on utility bills but also reduces the carbon footprint of a home or business. Additionally, low-temperature radiators are an excellent solution for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues as they don't circulate dust or allergens like traditional heating systems.

Home Heating/Cooling and HVAC 

Radiator power data in watts, in accordance with DIN EN 442 at (45/35/20) - 45℃ Flow Temperature, 35℃ Return Temperature and 20℃ Room Temperature.

Dimensions: Height x Width (mm)

Full list of dimensions and outputs can be found in product downloads.

E2L2260004: 0600 x 400 = 272 Watts
E2L2260006: 0600 x 600 = 409 Watts
E2L2260008: 0600 x 800 = 545 Watts
E2L2260010: 0600 x 1000 = 681 Watts
E2L2260012: 0600 x 1200 = 817 Watts
E2L2260014: 0600 x 1400 = 953 Watts
E2L2260016: 0600 x 1600 = 1090 Watts
E2L2260018: 0600 x 1800 = 1226 Watts
E2L2260020: 0600 x 2000 = 1362 Watts


Central heating Ulow e2 low temperature radiators
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Unique Concept.

The low-temperature radiator ULOW-E2 combined with E2 technology is a unique concept that gives high heat outputs even with low water temperatures without compromising style. The ULOW-E2 low-temperature radiator can easily be used at a supply temperature of even lower than 40°C with modern and conventional energy sources, such as oil or gas but also with renewable energy sources such as heat pump or a solar spring.

Visible: State-of-the-art

Not just the high efficiency is a huge advantage of the E2-technology but also the unique and successful design points out: That’s a high-tech heat emission system, which introduces a new age and will be the new generation of heat emission.


Innovative Touchpad Control

The new E2-Technology

The key feature of the ULOW-E2 is the fans, which assist the natural convection. The intelligent control panel will automatically switch between static and dynamic operation depending upon the room condition. The radiator is at its highest efficiency during static operation, therefore the fans will only be active when necessary.

E2 Touchpad

E2 Touchpad - control panel Thermostat Head

E2 Touchpad - control panel Temperature Scale Thermostat

E2 Touchpad - control panel Main Wwitch ON/OFF

Heating Icon, RED

Cooling Icon, BLUE

UP Button

DOWN Button

Temperature Icon

Boost Button

Heating/Cooling Button

Efficient & Intelligent

Fans for optimized convectionThe ULOW-E2 provides radiant heat via the water-filled front panel, however, enhanced convection will also come from the fans. Due to the intelligent control between static and dynamic operation, heat-up times will be rapid. Maximum thermal comfort can be achieved even with water supply temperatures as low as 40°C.

Proven Central Connection Technology

Installation and service

The ULOW-E2 is supplied as a ready-to-fit product and is as easy, flexible and economical to install as a standard radiator.

All installation devices are freely accessible. This method of installation saves money and time at every service and cleaning. The cleaning of a ULOW-E2 is the same than at every other radiator. The fans are removable to the right and to the left.