Static circuit control valve

The Ballorex Vario VODRV (variable orifice double regulation valve) is a dual control valve with a variable opening designed for balancing heating and cooling systems.

Hydraulic balancing guarantees an even flow of water through the individual risers and loads.

Typical applications include central heating and cooling systems and fan-assisted heat exchanger systems in multiple-storey residential buildings and high-rise buildings.

APPLICATIONS: Home heating/coolingPlumbing and HVAC 



Ballorex Vario combines flow readings, preadjustment and shut-off function – all in a single unit.

This design also makes the Ballorex Vario ideal for restricted spaces or awkward locations. The Ballorex Vario is simple to preadjust using a hexagon socket wrench.

On completion of the preadjustment the settings remain fixed. The Ballorex Vario preadjustment and shut-off functions work independently of one another.

The system flow can then be shut off without changing the preadjustments. The Ballorex Vario comes with a drain valve as an optional extra.

The Ballorex Vario with drainage device may be combined with the Ballorex Delta differential pressure control valve using a capillary tube. Using the Ballorex Vario and Ballorex Delta simultaneously in a system section with consumers, eliminates pressure fluctuations in the section in question.

The constant differential pressure regulation prevents the preadjusted design flow of the Ballorex Vario from being exceeded.