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The range includes self-sealing blind, reducing, vent and drain plugs for radiators. Rotatable drain plugs with integrated valves are safe and don't drip.

This unique patent will make you shine in front of your customers. With the Simplex self-sealing thread seal, you will see how easily our products are to work with.

Areas of applications: Heating systems
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
Max. operating temperature: 110 °C permanent temperature, 130 °C short-term

Home Heating/Cooling and HVAC 


Radiator plugs for central heating
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  • STANDARD series: inexpensive version, with heat resistant O-ring, coated
  • EXCLUSIV series: for special requirements, with Teflon-coated self-sealing thread seal
  • Patented draining
  • Metal and plastic versions
  • Swivelling versions
  • Plugs for steel and cast iron radiators
  • Fill and drain plug: Simple draining by attaching a hose connection
Valve closed
valve open
Valve open