Vonaris convectors can be described as a high-performance design marvel. They are ready to use valve radiators which come in a great selection of colours in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

Kontec convectors and heating walls prove that the real art of design is to create simplicity. They impress with classic, straight-forward design features. Kontec exhibits an elegant understatement but wins across the board with great performance available in a variety of dimensions and colours.

Intratherm trench convectors combine high quality and innovative technology with purist, straight forward design which will blend effortlessly into every room. find out more about the range of panel and trench convectors supplied by KE KELIT

Intratherm Trench Convectors

CONVECTORS/TRENCH CONVECTORS TRENCH CONVECTORS Type FMK, F1T and F1P The Intratherm trench heating convectors provide excellent performance with their natural…

kontec vertical and horizontal

Convectors Horizontal & Vertical – KONTEC

CONVECTORS/TRENCH CONVECTORS KONTEC Horizontal and vertical design Aesthetically sophisticated design, combined with technologically perfect heating. Conceived with all areas of…

vonaris vertical and horizontal

Convectors Horizontal & Vertical – VONARIS

CONVECTORS/TRENCH CONVECTORS VONARIS CONVECTORS Horizontal and vertical design Design and performance as a complete package for elevated requirements. APPLICATIONS: Home…