A wide variety of radiator accessories supplied by Simplex and Meibes to meet the requirements of all your heating needs.

Take advantage of over 100 years experience between the two German suppliers who are continuously looking forward in areas of innovation and excellence.

Professionals don’t cut corners to save money – use quality materials in your installations rather than later expensive replacements.

The vast range includes radiator connection valves, thermostatic heads, radiator lockshields, compression adapters, radiator plugs and other radiator problem solvers.

Thermostatic heads

Thermostatic Heads for Radiators

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES STARTEC 4 Thermostatic heads The tactile position “3” (e.g. operation in darkness), and a consistently homogeneous smooth surface,…

design line thermostatic heads and valves

Valve bodies and Thermostatic Heads – Design Line

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES DESIGN LINE Valve bodies and thermostatic heads Intelligent solutions with a sophisticated design, suitable for any radiator. For…

plugs for radiators

Vent Plugs and Drain Plugs for Radiators

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES RADIATOR PLUGS The range includes self-sealing blind, reducing, vent and drain plugs for radiators. Rotatable drain plugs with integrated…

problem solvers for radiators

Radiator Problem Solvers for any Tricky Situation

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES RADIATOR PROBLEM SOLVERS Whether narrow niches, incorrect connections or too high mounted radiators – our problem solvers are…

Compression Adapters

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES COMPRESSION ADAPTERS Hardly any other compression adapter is as easy to use as the Simplex compression adapter. The…

Lockshields – Easily Shutt of a Radiator for Maintenance

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES LOCKSHIELDS Our radiator connections can be shut off for maintenance without affecting the heating system. Our comprehensive product…

connection valves

Radiator Connection Valves

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES RADIATOR CONNECTION VALVES A complete and comprehensive range of connection valves for plug-in, screw-in and clamping for every…

baseboards radiators

Baseboard Easy Mounting System

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES SIMPLEX BASEBOARD SYSTEM The advantages to our baseboard system is that it is quick, easy and neat. With…