KWB Pelletfire Plus Boiler

Biomass Pellet Boiler

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Revolutionise your commercial heating with the KWB PelletfirePlus, a premier Biomass Boiler designed for businesses, housing developments, and heating service providers.

This pellet boiler efficiently delivers heat to multi-family homes and hotels with an output range of 45-135 kW, offering an optimal heating solution in New Zealand.

Home Heating/Cooling and HVAC



Robust & Economical Heating

  • Safe and economic thanks to the unique crawler burner
  • Maintenance-free between service intervals
  • Easy operation

The KWB PelletfirePlus is an advanced biomass boiler, providing ideal central heating for commercial buildings, housing developers, and heating service providers. This biomass boiler is designed for back-to-back placement in a multi-boiler system (cascade), making it a space-efficient solution. It is also suitable for use in multi-family homes and hotel businesses with an output range of 45 – 135 kW. The KWB PelletfirePlus boasts self-cleaning features for ongoing operations and offers intuitive controls for easy use.


Robust Crawler Burner

With high-alloy and self-cleaning cast grate components, it enables the use of varying fuel qualities. This makes you even more flexible when heating with wood chips or pellets.

Easy Operation

Easy & Flexible Control

The KWB Comfort 4 control system offers dual operation options with an intuitive dial and colour touchscreen. It provides information on:

  • the ash fill level
  • the storage room fill level
  • the maintenance interval

In addition, a solar system can be integrated and is also prepared for a link to the KWB Comfort Online platform.

Online Control

Secure Remote-Controlled Heating

Even more convenience and operating safety is guaranteed by the online platform KWB Comfort Online. With this platform, the boiler can be easily remotely ignited, controlled and maintained from a smartphone, tablet or PC. Check on the operating status of your heating, control heating times and temperatures and receive messages and status changes via SMS or email. After a holiday, ignite the boiler while on your way home. If desired, you can also provide third parties with individual (temporary) access to your systems, such as your heating installer or KWB Customer Service.

Heating Networks

Perfect Buffer & Cascade Management

The heating system is optimally equipped for the supply of heating networks. With control modules, the desired values of the transfer sites can be transferred to the central main control using the bus system without the need for an external switch cabinet. The entire system can be monitored and controlled remotely with the KWB Comfort Online platform.

Due to the desired fail-safety, heating networks are of-ten supplied by a multi-boiler system. This cascade may consist of several KWB biomass heating systems, but can also contain external boilers. A runtime-optimized control of up to 8 KWB biomass heating systems plus additional external peak load boiler is possible with the new output-modulating KWB Boiler sequence control. Activation occurs infinitely modulating. This results in an efficiency increase of the entire system with reduced emission values.

In addition, a seasonal operating mode and the integration of the boilers in the building control system via a ModBus interface is possible.