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Biomass Log Wood & Combi Boiler

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The innovative KWB Combifire biomass boiler, seamlessly integrating logwood and pellet heating systems into one efficient unit. Benefit from its shared heat exchanger, delivering optimal performance and eco-friendly warmth.

Achieve a versatile boiler output of 18 – 38 kW in logwood operation and 22 – 35 kW in pellet operation, ensuring reliable heating for your space. Embrace sustainability and efficiency with this cutting-edge wood boiler solution.

Home Heating/Cooling and HVAC



Flexible & Safe Heating

  • Automatic switching between logwood and pellets
  • Emptying ash is convenient and clean
  • Operation and control of the system remotely

The KWB Combifire, an innovative biomass boiler, skillfully integrates the combustion systems for logwood and pellets into one efficient, optimised system with a shared heat exchanger. It delivers a boiler output of 18 – 38 kW in logwood operation and 22 – 35 kW in pellet operation, catering to those who appreciate the personal touch of wood heating but also value the convenience of an automatic pellet heating system. This versatile biomass boiler consistently heats single-family and multi-family houses and agricultural businesses. With the KWB Combifire, daily ash removal is eliminated, and the boiler can be remotely ignited and controlled for added convenience.


Easy Operation

Easy & Flexible Control

The KWB Comfort 4 control system offers dual operating options with a colour touchscreen and an intuitive dial.

  • Practical refill display
  • Automatic ignition
  • Individual time program

Furthermore, it is ready for the link to the KWB Comfort Online platform.

KWB Comfort 4 Control System

Save on Fuel & Costs

The practical refilling display of the KWB Comfort 4 will always display how much log wood you need to add to efficiently operate your system! As soon as the door for refilling the logwood is opened, the pellet mod-ule will stop operating. The combination boiler automatically takes care of switching between fuels in an optimized manner, which saves fuel and thus costs!

Comfortable Consistent Heat

The setting request of the KWB Comfort 4 ensures that your log wood boiler will automatically ignite as soon as the system requires heat. The room and hot water temperatures you have specified will thus be continuously kept at the required level.

Heating with Highest Efficiency

An individual time program is highly convenient, particularly when you need to efficiently bridge the times when you are away from home. The KWB Comfort 4 ensures the optimal charging of the buffer storage tank both in log wood and in pellet operation.

Secure Remote-Controlled Heating

Even more convenience and operating safety is guaranteed by the online platform KWB Comfort Online. With this platform, the boiler can be easily remotely ignited, controlled and maintained from a smartphone, tablet or PC. Check on the operating status of your heating, control heating times and temperatures and receive messages and status changes via SMS or email. After a holiday, ignite the boiler while on your way home. If desired, you can also provide third parties with (temporary) individual access to your systems, such as your heating installer or KWB Customer Service.