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Their unique design is the reason that they are the standard for quality and reliability and the leader in the German market.

The Teflon-coated self-tightening thread seal, perfect-fitting cap seat as well as the hidden use of the blind cap as handwheel make it so unique.

Available in different versions for heating systems, domestic water systems and solar systems.


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Pump and socket ball valves New Zealand Simplex
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Areas of Application: Heating Systems & Domestic Water Systems
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
Max. operating temperature: 110 °C permanent temperature, 130 °C short-term

Area of Application: Solar Systems
Medium: Water-glycol mixes up to 50 % glycol ratio
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
Max. operating temperature: 180 °C permanent temperature, 200 °C short-term

The Simplex KFE ball valve is a success story in its own right: some 40 million have been sold – top seller in Germany, top quality and simplicity in itself to install thanks to its seal. The cap cannot get lost, as it is attached to the body. Further advantages speak for themselves:

Cap as plugcap as handle
                  Cap as plug                Cap as handle
  • (1) Safe installation thanks to self-tightening thread seal
  • (2) Exact axial positioning using lock nut
  • (3) Exact positioning of blind cap guide with stainless steel swivel bracket – no chain or loop to tear off
  • (4) Hidden operating possibility using the blind cap which serves as a handwheel
  • (5) Lever handle can be easily removed to prevent unauthorized operation