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Sealed Heating & Chilled Water Installations Flexcon Top (Types 2 - 80)

High pressure alternative for use in sealed heating installations (acc. to EN12828) and chilled water (cooling) installations.

Home Heating/CoolingPlumbing and HVAC


High pressure expansion vessels
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  • The best expansion vessels thanks to our groundbreaking technology.
  • Diaphragm: butyl rubber.
  • The extremely low permeability of the diaphragm ensures that pre-charge pressure is maintained for a long time.
  • The flexible diaphragms with rolling action are preformed and, in contrast to a bag type bladder, prevent stretching so that their properties are preserved over the long term.
  • The unique clench ring construction clamps the diaphragm between the two vessel halves. This not only ensures a perfect seal but also prevents mechanical damage of the diaphragm during use (load distribution over the entire clamping area and not at 1 suspension point).
  • The gas side is filled with nitrogen, and not with air, so that corrosion is prevented and the pressure loss is even more limited.
  • The ribbed profile on the diaphragm prevents it from sticking to the inside wall of the vessel and ensures an inflow of expansion water at the slightest increase in pressure.
  • Uncoated water connection thread ensures an easy and watertight installation.
  • Top-quality steel and diaphragms.
  • Finished with a gleaming epoxy-powder coating.
  • Each vessel is factory tested.
  • Expansion vessels 8 - 80 litres:
  • The two halves of the vessel are coated prior to assembly, not afterwards. Therefore there is no risk of corrosion on the clamp ring. -
  • The nitrogen air valve is countersunk on the vessel to protect it from damage, it is in turn further protected by a plastic cover plate.