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The Nexus Valve BC2 Balancing Computer is a compact handheld device for measuring differential pressure and efficient system commissioning. The balancing computer is simply connected to the system with the hoses and measuring needles provided at the circuit control valve measuring points. The integrated pressure sensors measure the differential pressure which, together with the Kv (Kvm) value of the valve, is converted directly into a flow display.

+ Smart menu for simple operation

+ Valve symbols for quick identification
+ Push-fit pressure connectors
+ Density adjustment for antifreeze
+ Real-time measurement recording
+ Calculation of the valve presets


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Nexus valve flowmeter
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The BC2 is equipped with an illuminated QVGA colour display, pressure sensors and a keypad with nine keys, a smart menu for easy operation.

The keys make it possible to navigate through the menu and enter the required flow and Kv value or to set the adjustment value. The display shows all the data required for commissioning.

Direct calculation and display of the λ value push-fit pressure connectors valve symbols for rapid identification real-time measurement recording calculation of valve presets data memory for up to 20000 data sets and up to 1200 pre-programmed circuit control valves project commissioning with balancing report printouts