Easy mounting and support systems for piping


Fixing technology consists out of a comprehensive range of modern and innovative pipe mounting solutions.
No matter what the task is at hand, KE KELIT can supply a fixing solution to meet your project requirements.

The range on offer consists of rail, universal and wall mounted clips, pipe hangers, brackets and other pipe mounting material for installing and hanging pipes.


Pipe insulation, press fittings, copper and stainless steel


Climate control, radiators and underfloor heating


Wood boilers, gas boilers and diesel boilers


Valves and expansion vessels


Stainless steel pipe mounting material



flamco pv panel mounting block

PV Panels Easy Mounting System

FIXING TECHNOLOGY DOWNLOADS Flamco – Falx – Technical Data KE KELIT Climate Control – Heating Systems Product Catalogue FLAMCO FALX PV Panels Mounting System The installation of PV panels is…

flamco pipe mounting rosette

Pipe Escutcheons Wall, Ceiling and Floor

FIXING TECHNOLOGY DOWNLOADS Flamco – Pipe Escutcheons – Technical Data PIPE ESCUTCHEONS When piping passes through a wall, ceiling or floor the fitting of Flamco pipe escutcheons ensures that the…

flamco stainless steel clip

Stainless Steel Mounting Material

FIXING TECHNOLOGY DOWNLOADS Flamco – Stainless Steel Mounting Material – Technical Data STAINLESS STEEL MOUNTING MATERIAL Flamco produces a wide range of stainless steel brackets and fittings for stainless steel…

flamco profile clamp

Pipe Support and Mounting Accessories

FIXING TECHNOLOGY DOWNLOADS Flamco – Mounting Accessories – Technical Data MOUNTING ACCESSORIES All pipes are subject to thermal expansion or contraction. It is therefore essential that the designer or installer…

flamco wall bracket piping support

Wall-Bracket and Suspension Systems, Easy Rail Installing

FIXING TECHNOLOGY DOWNLOADS Flamco – Rails and Rail Accessories – Technical Data RAIL AND RAIL ACCESSORIES Installing suspension systems or wall-bracket systems quickly and efficiently is easy with Flamco rails…

flamco clevis hangers

Pipe Hangers, Covers, Rollers, And Clamps

FIXING TECHNOLOGY DOWNLOADS Flamco – Clevis Pipe Hangers, Supports & Accessories – Technical Data CLEVIS PIPE HANGERS Supports & Accessories A comprehensive range of pipe hangers, supports and accessories, many…

pipe hangers for copper or sprinkler

Pipe Hangers and Sprinkler Clips

FIXING TECHNOLOGY DOWNLOADS Flamco – Pipe Hangers and Sprinkler Clips – Technical Data PIPE HANGERS & SPRINKLER CLIPS Many thousands of kilometres of piping are suspended from the roofs of…

flamco wall bracket for pipe mounting

Wall Mounted Clips for Threaded Tubes, Pipes, Sprinklers

FIXING TECHNOLOGY DOWNLOADS Flamco – Wall Mounted Clips – Technical Data WALL MOUNTED CLIPS The Flamco’s BM range of wall mounted clips are designed for installing threaded tubes, sprinkler pipes,…

flamco universal mounting clips

Pipe Mounting – Universal Clips for All Pipe Sizes

FIXING TECHNOLOGY DOWNLOADS Flamco – Universal Clips – Technical Data UNIVERSAL MOUNTING CLIPS Pipe Mounting Clips KE KELIT offer the New Zealand market the most comprehensive range of universal mounting…