Dynamic circuit control valve

Dynamic circuit control valve Ballorex Dynamic


Dynamic Circuit Control Valve


The Nexus Valve Vivax is a new generation pressure-independent flow restrictor and control valve.

It functions independently from the system pressure in cooling and heating systems. Typical applications include multiple-storey residential buildings and high-rise buildings.

The design of the Nexus Valve Vivax ensures that the flow can be adjusted and controlled without creating excess supply or overloading the pump. The result: optimum end-user comfort with reduced energy consumption and costs.


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Circuit control valve Vivax
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The innovative design of the Nexus Valve Vivax combines a removable cartridge with pressure-independent pre-adjustment, flow readings and control valve function in a single unit.

As the radial movement of the pre-adjustment unit and the axial shaft movement of the 2-way valve function independently of one another, the servomotor always has the full range of travel at its disposal and is therefore always fully controllable.

The Nexus Valve Vivax, therefore, reacts immediately to the building control technology or room thermostat signal and adjusts the flow accordingly.

This ensures constant and precise thermal comfort under all conditions. The direct measurement of the actual flow not only makes it possible to precisely pre-adjust the Nexus Valve Vivax but also to inspect and document the flow at any time. During system maintenance or service, the direct flow readings can also help pinpoint possible system errors.