Pressure regulator valve ballorex

Pressure regulator valve ballorex


Pressure regulator

Ballorex Delta is a differential pressure regulator designed to manage the hydraulic balancing of a heating system.

Typical applications include central heating and cooling systems and fan-assisted heat exchanger systems in multiple-storey and high-rise buildings.

Ballorex Delta prevents excess supply caused by fluctuations in the system pressure and eliminates the waste of energy.

APPLICATIONS: Home heating/coolingPlumbing and HVAC 



Ballorex Delta is installed in the return line with a capillary tube connection to the flow line.

The flow line pressure is recorded via the integrated valve membrane. As the system pressure increases, the Ballorex Delta ensures a constant drop in pressure across the area controlled by the heating system.

Adjustments are simple to make using a hexagon socket wrench. The valve can also be used to isolate the system. The service and maintenance system can be drained using the integrated bleed valve.

Using the Ballorex Delta to balance the system makes it possible to transfer the project and service the system section by section, which saves time and money.