Copper EN 1254 BRAZE Fittings

KE KELIT New Zealand offers high-quality copper fitting solutions, including the durable Copper BRAZE fittings, designed for efficient and cost-effective jointing of copper tubes to the EN 1057 standard. Made from robust copper, these fittings simplify handling and installation processes.

With sizes ranging from 15mm up to 219mm, KE KELIT's Copper BRAZE fittings are versatile and suitable for a wide range of projects, accommodating both domestic and commercial applications. Their adaptability and compliance with industry standards make them an excellent choice for various installation requirements.

Home Heating/Cooling and HVAC


With the introduction of our Copper BRAZE system, KE KELIT NZ now has a complete offering of piping systems from press/crimp fittings, push fittings and now a braze system.

KE KELIT New Zealand Copper BRAZE fittings are a simple and cost-effective method of jointing copper tubes to EN 1057. Made of robust copper, they make handling and installation easy. The fittings’ compact dimensions make them the ideal choice for use in areas where there is limited space.

Users can be assured all the benefits of copper are present in the KE KELIT New Zealand Copper BRAZE system. Smooth lines minimise flow restrictions and are unobtrusive on exposed pipelines. Copper is an excellent material for thermal conductivity and naturally inhibits bacteria, making it the perfect solution for high-quality drinking water.

When the Copper BRAZE fitting and tube are assembled and heated to the correct temperature, the solder applied to the mouth of the fitting becomes molten. Capillary attraction ensures the solder is drawn into the gap between tube and fitting, forming a sturdy and reliable joint. Users of Copper BRAZE fittings can be confident that they are purchasing an established product with a proven reputation for reliability and quality.

KE KELIT New Zealand stock fittings from 15mm to 108mm. Sizes 133mm, 159mm, and 219mm are available on indent. Please contact KE KELIT New Zealand for more information on these fittings.

Kitemark™ Certification

KE KELIT NZ Copper Braze Fittings and Copper Tube are Kitemark™ Certified.
KE KELIT NZ Copper Braze Fittings hold Kitemark™ Certificate Number: KM 536466 in respect of BS EN 1254 / BS 864 Part 2.
KE KELIT NZ Copper Tube holds Kitemark™ Certificate Number: KM 91198 in respect of BS EN 1057.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

KE KELIT NZ Copper Braze Fittings and Copper Tube are also certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the design and manufacture of copper tubes and fittings.


KE KELIT NZ Copper Braze Fittings come with a 25-year warranty from the date of manufacture. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact KE KELIT NZ for full warranty information.