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Gas Condensing Boiler

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Rapid, reliable and compact, the Vitodens 111-W gas condensing boiler is a high-performance wall mounted storage boiler for family homes with a high demand for hot water.

With its cylinder loading system (CLS) and 46 litre integrated stainless steel storage tank, the 111-W has the capacity to fill a standard bath in just 8 minutes, whilst also supplying a sink or washbasin simultaneously.

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Viessmann Gas condensing boiler
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The Vitodens 111-W gas condensing boiler delivers large amounts of hot water in next to no time. A standard bath (140 litres), for instance, fills in around eight minutes.

A shower fitting, a kitchen sink or a washbasin, for example, can also be supplied with water, at the desired temperature, simultaneously (subject to cold water pressure and tap flow restrictions)



Most unvented cylinders use a heating coil to heat up the cylinder. The CLS technology replaces the coil with a plate heat exchanger.

A DHW pump circulates the cold water from the bottom of the cylinder, through the plate heat exchanger and puts the hot water back to the top of the cylinder.


Touchscreen on Viessmann gas condensing boilerUSER-FRIENDLY CONTROL UNIT

The controller with built in room temperature sensor can be connected to an outside temperature sensor to run in weather compensation mode.

The user-friendly dials allow rapid adjustment of the heating and domestic hot water temperatures with a digital display showing operating conditions and temperatures.



As is the case with all Viessmann gas condensing boilers, the Vitodens 111-W is equipped with stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchangers.

This technology brings with it an extremely high efficiency rate of 98 percent and exceptionally reliable and efficient operation during its long service life.

Viessmann guarantees the Inox-Radial heat exchanger for ten years against leaks resulting from corrosion.