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KE KELIT take climate control very seriously.
With only the best suppliers from Europe for radiators, heat emitters and boilers and our own state of the art innovative piping connecting them together, you can rest assured that your home setup or project is the best it can possibly be.

Our builds will last you a lifetime, returning your investment in efficiency, comfort and cost saving.


flamco flexconsole plus

Heating and Cooling Installations – Accessories

HVAC ACCESSORIES   DOWNLOADS Flamco – Accessories for Heating & Cooling Installations – Technical Data Flamco – Reference Guide – White Paper Flamco – Flexbalance Plus- Declaration of Conformity KE…

meibes thermostatic head

Thermostatic Heads for Radiators

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES STARTEC 4 Thermostatic Radiator Heads The tactile position “3” (e.g. operation in darkness), and a consistently homogeneous smooth surface, makes the Startec 4 exceptionally user-friendly. It also stands…

simplex design line therm head

Valve bodies and Thermostatic Heads – Design Line

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES DESIGN LINE Valve Bodies & Thermostatic Heads Intelligent solutions with a sophisticated design, suitable for any radiator. For simple towel radiators or design radiators – Simplex Design Line…

simplex radiator draining plug

Vent Plugs and Drain Plugs for Radiators

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES RADIATOR PLUGS The range includes self-sealing blind, reducing, vent and drain plugs for radiators. Rotatable drain plugs with integrated valves are safe and don’t drip. This unique patent will…

simplex radiator valves problem solvers

Radiator Problem Solvers for any Tricky Situation

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES RADIATOR PROBLEM SOLVERS Whether narrow niches, incorrect connections or too high mounted radiators – our problem solvers are the right assistants for any tricky situation. Max. operating pressure:…

simplex radiator compression adapter

Compression Adapters

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES COMPRESSION ADAPTERS Hardly any other compression adapter is as easy to use as the Simplex compression adapter. The elastic clamping mechanism is gentle on materials. The minimal torques…

simplex radiator lockshield shut off

Lockshields – Easily Shut of a Radiator for Maintenance

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES LOCKSHIELD VALVES Our radiator connections can be shut off for maintenance without affecting the heating system. Our comprehensive product range has the right high-quality Simplex product for every…

simplex radiator connection valve

Radiator Connection Valves

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES RADIATOR CONNECTION VALVES A complete and comprehensive range of connection valves for plug-in, screw-in and clamping for every application, for single-pipe or two-pipe installations, with or without a…

simplex baseboard pipe system

Baseboard Easy Mounting System

RADIATOR ACCESSORIES SIMPLEX BASEBOARD SYSTEM The advantages to our baseboard system are that it is quick, easy and neat. With our patented mounting bracket, the baseboard is pressed custom-fit against…

Intratherm Trench Convectors

CONVECTORS/TRENCH CONVECTORS TRENCH CONVECTORS Types FMK, F1T & F1P The Intratherm trench heating convectors provide excellent performance with their natural or fan-assisted convection and soundless operation. APPLICATIONS: Home Heating/Cooling and HVAC,  ENQUIRE…


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