Case studies and testimonials. Read more about our involvement in various projects in New Zealand and what materials where used.
Read about the experience people had with our innovative pipe systems and how this made their work a lot easier and faster.

Case study custom house Quay

Case Study: 20 Custom House Quay

CASE STUDIES 20 CUSTOMHOUSE QUAY “I am currently managing the installation of Steel press fit and Copper press fit by…

Case study Bowen campus

Case Study: Bowen Campus

CASE STUDIES BOWEN CAMPUS “ There are a number of reasons for using KE KELIT COPPERFIX at the Bowen Campus…

Case study Rutherford house

Case Study: Rutherford House

CASE STUDIES RUTHERFORD HOUSE “The speed and ease of installation provided significant advantages during the course of the installation, no…

Case study Greta point appartements

Case Study: Greta Point Apartments

CASE STUDIES GRETA POINT APARTMENTS KE KELIT were involved in the development of the apartment complex at Greta Point. The…

Case study Centre 56

Case Study: Centre 56

CASE STUDIES CENTRE 56 “This was the first time we had used KE KELIT’S piping systems on such a large…

Summerset retirement village case study

Case Study: Summerset retirement village

CASE STUDIES SUMMERSETRETIREMENTVILLAGE “With the scale of this project we needed a piping system that was very high quality and…