Developer: Precinct Properties
Main Contractor: LT McGuinness
Mechanical Engineer: NDY
Hydraulic Engineer: NDY
Mechanical Contractor: NME Mechanical Ltd.
Plumbing Contractor: John Leen Plumbing Ltd.

“ There are a number of reasons for using KE KELIT COPPERFIX at the Bowen Campus redevelopment of the Bowen State Building & Charles Ferguson Tower. With ever increasing pressure on labour, the press system was appealing for the speed of installation, the COPPERFIX (press copper tube & fitting system) provides significant reductions in installation time. It also removes the Health and Safety aspects of brazing with no need for gas set inspections and hot works permits.

The big advantage was KE KELIT’S copper tube size, New Zealand copper manufacture to the standard NZ 3501 that has traditionally been used in New Zealand & KE KELIT’S COPPERFIX manufactured to EN 1057 are very similar in dimensions, the use of COPPERFIX meant we could utilize a press system and not have to worry about tube diameters been too small.

The service and quality of KE KELIT’S products are amongst the best we have seen, and their technical support is second to none.

We look forward to working with KE KELIT in the future”.

Dave Norriss – John Leen Plumbing Ltd