With temperature limitation

Ballorex Dynamic T is ideally suited for the automatic hydraulic balancing of strands or consumers in 1- and 2-pipe heating systems and optimization of the heating value by limiting the return temperature.

As with the Ballorex Dynamic, the default setting is to set the maximum flow rate to ensure proper supply to all strings or loads.

In addition, the Ballorex Dynamic T is equipped with a thermostatic drive including immersion sensor.

Thus, in addition to the volume flow and the temperature can be limited. The return temperature is limited to the set value. The valve is opened by the thermostatic head only when the specified temperature is reached. In this way, the fuel efficiency is significantly increased.

APPLICATIONS: Home heating/coolingPlumbing and HVAC 


Measuring accuracy volumetric flow: +/- 3% Temperature control range:
20 - 65 ° C Working pressure: max. 400 kPa Pressure rating: PN 25

socket thread Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 120 ° C Nominal diameter: DN 15 - DN 25