With Temperature Limitation


Nexus Valve Vivax T is ideally suited for the automatic hydraulic balancing of strands or consumers in 1- and 2-pipe heating systems and optimization of the heating value by limiting the return temperature.

As with the Nexus Valve Vivax, the default setting is to set the maximum flow rate to ensure proper supply to all strings or loads.

In addition, the Nexus Valve Vivax T is equipped with a thermostatic drive including an immersion sensor.

Thus, in addition to the volume flow and the temperature can be limited. The return temperature is limited to the set value. The valve is opened by the thermostatic head only when the specified temperature is reached. In this way, the fuel efficiency is significantly increased.


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The Nexus Valve Vivax T valve is a combined pressure independent flow and temperature limiter. The valve is delivered as part of a set with a thermostatic head, a temperature immersion sensor with immersion sleeve or a contact sensor. The thermostatic head can be mounted on the Nexus Valve Vivax DN15-25. The available temperature setting range is 20-65oC. The valve closes when the temperature of water at the immersion sensor reaches the value provided on the thermostatic head.

The Nexus Valve Vivax T is designed particularly to limit the temperature of water in the return line of one pipe heating systems. Other applications in which temperature limitation of the return water is required, e.g. increasing of the heat efficiency, are also possible with the Nexus Valve Vivax T.