Acoustic pipe insulation


Acoustic Pipe Insulation

Acoustic pipe insulation a universal solution for different acoustic applications such a drain, service and wastewater pipes, vehicle and automotive industries, machinery and construction industries providing a high acoustic performance, durability, flexibility, hygienic properties and long technical life.

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Flexiwrap - Flexible Noise Barrier
Convoluted PU open cell foam bonded to a flexible MLV (mass loaded vinyl) acoustic barrier covered with aluminium foil. Flexiwrap has been designed to reduce unwanted noise and to achieve Acoustic comfort.


Acoustic Comfort
During the construction of a home or an office, we focus our attention to the appropriate standard of the building, air conditioning, proper ventilation, orientation towards cardinal points of the compass, sun exposure or the distance from noise sources, such as busy roads. But often we forget about the thing that is imperceptible – the acoustic comfort. The sounds of ventilation, sanitation, equipment such as lifts and compressors, and of course the sounds generated by our neighbours or even precipitation – all this can cause noise disruption. Providing adequate soundproofing has a substantial impact on our well-being at home, as well as efficiency and concentration at work. The most effective solution is to ensure sound isolation of each room at the stage of construction of the building and use of sound absorptive materials. However, thanks to modern technology, it is possible to increase acoustic comfort even in projects already completed, for example by using acoustic foams and Sound barriers.



  • Acoustic Performance – The use of a specially engineered flexible acoustic barrier provides an excellent reduction in noise transmission. Designed to be used in multiple applications.
  • Durability – An aluminium foil barrier provides excellent protection to the product once installed.
  • Flexibility – The use of very flexible foam, combined with an acoustic barrier, allows for ease of installation in all applications.



  • Highly flexible allowing fast installation times.
  • Designed to be used in multiple applications.
  • Fibre free non-irritant product, requiring no special protective equipment.
  • Low VOC emissions complying with building standards.


Examples of Applications

  • Covering waste water or drainage pipes
  • Garbage pipes
  • Walls and all kinds of partition
  • Ventilation fan covering
  • Comperssor units covering
  • Engine and generator compartments
  • Air duct sound insulation (outer surface)